Hand made Master Series

The finest pianos have been hand made by master artisans in guild workshops for centuries.  Only the finest materials can be hand crafted to produce a master instrument.  Kayserburg have replicated this tradition with their ‘Artist’ series orchestrated by Swiss master piano maker Stephan Mohler in Guangzhou.  

Culminating in the ‘Master’ series, Kayserburg now offer amazing value at the highest level.  Hand crafted with components from Germany and European designs offering a new heritage for today.  

The use of state of the art computerised machinery ensures accurate precision far beyond the human capability whilst allowing time for the artisans to perfect hand finishing in the traditional style of piano craftsmanship workshops.  

As the most expensive European brands produce their masterpieces, Kayserburg now offer their Master Series to the world giving consumers and piano artists amazing value and enjoyment at the highest level.



Solid Tapered Spruce Soundboard

Renner Action, Made in Germany

Renner Hammers, Made in Germany

Röslau Strings, Made in Germany




Product Information

Height 1323 mm
Width 1541 mm
Depth 665 mm
Weight 271 kg
Colors Ebony Polish
Ebony Sharps Yes
Slow Fallboard Yes
Hardware Golden hardware
Strings Röslau Strings, Made in Germany
Hammers Renner Hammers, Made in Germany
Soundboard Solid Tapered Spruce Soundboard
Action Renner Action, Made in Germany




H:124 W:153 D:64cm 256kg

ebony polish with brass fittings