Kayserburg is the premium piano brand of Pearl River, the largest piano manufacturer in the world. Kayserburg includes the hand built Artists series which compare favourably with the world leading piano brands. Kayserburg Artists establishes Pearl River, the World largest piano maker, able to challenge even the longest established European piano makers.

Following over 60 years of piano making Pearl River have selected a small team of their most experienced piano makers to work in a traditional European style guild system. Hand crafting beautiful instruments under the watchful eye and individual quality inspection of a European master piano maker living in China.

German Renner hammers are hand shaped to bring the finest tone from the German Roslau string wire, solid maple caped bridge and European Siberian solid Spruce hand selected soundboard.



Height 120 cm

Width 152 cm

Depth 63 cm




Height   122 cm

Width    152 cm

Depth     64 cm




Manufacturing process for the all new Kayserburg KHB Series


Solid maple capped vertically laminated bridge



Pin Block and Tuning

Pin block made of cross-laminated hard rock maple, tuning pins chrome plated and cut threaded.


Black Keys

Ebony wood for sharps, natural materials for a more natural feel and easier control.



Röslau strings from Germany, hand spun bass strings.



Louis Renner premium hammers from Germany.



Action and Keyboard

German master design. All components produced by advanced CNC digital machinery, which ensure absolute precision. Premium hard aluminium action rail. The weight of each key is individually adjusted to achieve perfect balance and response.


Air Conditioned workshops

Humidity and temperature levels are strictly controlled by dehumidifier and air-conditioning systems to ensure a consistent environment throughout the production line.



Pearl River Piano is very proud to receive ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO12001 certificates, which recognise the company achievements in complying with strict environmental practice standards, quality standards and calibration standards.