Pearl River Piano Group Europe GmbH, Friedrich-Seele-Strasse 20, D-38122 Braunschweig, Germany.
15th March 2018
2018 3 15
Pearl River Piano Group wish to announce that they will be supplying the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland markets directly for acoustic pianos branded Pearl River, Ritmuller and Kayserburg with immediate effect.
珠江钢琴集团宣布, 他们将立即开始直接向英国和爱尔兰共和国市场供应 “珠江”“Ritmuller ”和“ Kayserburg ”品牌的声学钢琴。
Steve Hammett formerly of Intermusic Ltd will be working for Pearl River Piano Group Europe GmbH exclusively and will be trading as PIANO IMPORTS LTD for customs and commercial purposes.
史蒂夫哈米特,来自 Intermusic 有限公司,将为珠江钢琴集团欧洲有限公司独家工作和将其钢琴进口有限公司作为贸易,以进行相关的商务。
Pearl River Group wish to thank Intermusic Ltd for being their distributor for more than 25 years and the transition to direct supply is mutually agreed to be for the benefit of Pearl River Group and their piano dealer customers in an increasingly competitive and consolidating market place. The high profile of Pearl River brands in the UK & ROI is largely due to the hard work and professional dedication of Intermusic Ltd personnel which is highly appreciated by Pearl River Piano Group.
珠江集团感谢Intermusic 有限公司作为英国市场的批发商25年;双方同意从批发改为直接供应,有益于珠江集团及其钢琴经销商客户的利益, 提高竞争力和巩固市场地位。 珠江品牌在英国和爱尔兰的高知名度主要是由于 Intermusic 有限公司人员的辛勤工作和专业奉献,受珠江钢琴集团的高度赞赏。
Pearl River Piano Group would also like to thank all their loyal trading partners in the UK & ROI and wish to have a long standing on-going relationship with Steve Hammett as the face of Pearl River in the UK & ROI markets. With back up from one of the world’s leading piano manufactures, Steve is confident on the new approach to the market and is looking forward to hearing from his long-standing friends in the music business. Pearl River Piano Group wish this new distribution every success!
珠江钢琴集团还要感谢他们在英国和爱尔兰的所有忠诚的合作伙伴, 并希望今后以史蒂夫哈米特作为纽带,继续有一长期的关系。背靠世界实力雄厚的钢琴厂,史蒂夫哈米特对新的业务充满信心,并期待着听取他在乐器行业的长期朋友的声音。 珠江钢琴集团祝这一新的批发业务圆满成功!
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