Ritmüller is one of the premium ranges made by the world’s largest piano manufacturer Pearl River.

The Ritmüller full sound range is even and consistent with a bright treble, a full tenor and a rich base. Together with an even and sensitive touch, Ritmüller pianos provide you with a perfect performance and choice for the beginner to the professional musician.

Discerning selection of material and the latest production processes with careful attention to detail establishes Ritmüller as a class leading range of upright and grand pianos.

Pearl River is committed to building the world’s finest pianos on every level.

Piano production is entirely made by Pearl River without outsourcing. Consequently the manufacturing process, from the selection of woods, to the crafting of actions, soundboards, wet sand-cast plates, and every other integral part of the piano is controlled by Pearl River ensuring a consistently high quality piano true to the exact scale-design.

High quality, seasoned hardwoods are used for each application in every piano. Grand Piano rims are made from Walnut, a dense hardwood that allows for lower tension scale design. Lower tension scale designs results in a warmer, richer tone with longer sustain, and is used in the world’s finest pianos. Bridges and pin-blocks are crafted from Rock Maple, and specially engineered soundboards are created from close grained, high quality northern Spruce. The use of high quality woods is critical when making high quality musical instruments.

Northern spruce along with beech and walnut are specially selected to ensure a warm rich tone with longer sustain, as used in the world’s finest pianos. The use of high quality woods, well seasoned and prepared, creates a superior quality musical instrument that will endure and reward for life.

Acclimatized for Worldwide Markets Pearl River take pride in using state-of-the-art kilns to season woods. Before and after the kiln drying, woods are expertly cured to specific moisture contents, which reduce the natural tendency for wood to swell and contract with humidity fluctuation. With over 8,000 moving parts, a piano’s woods must be “seasoned” to ensure reliability in worldwide markets.

Wet Sand Cast Plates The plate is the foundation of a piano giving strength that supports the incredible tension placed on the instrument by its strings. Pearl River use high-quality “pig iron” which is melted in foundries and poured in wet sand moulds. Some manufacturers only use this method in their most expensive models.  Wet Sand Cast plates provide more mass for strength, and do not produce undesirable harmonic feedback unlike “vacuum processed” plates. Wet sand cast plates are used in the world’s finest pianos.

Pearl River soundboards use 100% close grained high altitude northern spruce. A solid spruce core ensures maximum transference of energy across the soundboard bringing a lively tone and responsiveness normally only associated with top class piano manufacturers.

Each face of the solid spruce soundboard has a offset thin epidermal layer of spruce. This specially engineered feature enhances the energy transfer across the soundboard and strengthens the solid core to withstand worldwide climatic conditions without the inherent fear of cracking associated with older pianos unable to withstand extreme climates or centrally heated homes lacking humidity control. Unlike many other entry level new pianos, Pearl River soundboards resist cracking while maintaining a beautiful tone throughout the life of the piano.

Pearl River use cut-thread tuning pins, a superior method to “stamping” the thread as some manufacturers do. Cut-thread tuning pins provide more precision and control to the technician, allowing for a better and longer lasting tuning.

German piano wire for the finest sound wave generation give a clear tone and tuning stability. Bass strings are copper wound by Pearl River using the latest machines to precise tolerances to ensure clear and resonant bass registers.

“Static UV Application”  give pianos a more durable and fade-resistant topcoat. Repeated polyester sanding and buffing by automated machines in environmentally controlled conditions ensures the highest quality finish for all of the cabinet.